KOHLER Lavatories
Artistic Innovations in Lavatories
Led by the concept of elegant design and fully inspired by life, KOHLER lavatories follow seamless design with a premium quality to offer the best possible experience. We know the most perfect match lies in the mix of style, comfort and convenience, so you can select your ideal lavatory and faucet to suit your space and preferences.
Exclusive Italian White Carrara marble, glass, cast iron materials and Lithocast in our lavatories create visual centerpieces for any bathroom.
Based on extensive research we have developed wider and deeper lavatories to better meet the needs of our customers.
Our 17 different sizes mean you can find a lavatory to perfectly fit your space.
Modern and classic lavatory designs compliment a variety of faucets helping you pick your perfect pairing.

Use it, or admire it? This is a common question in regard to KOHLER bathroom sinks and one we enjoy hearing. After all, we’ve spent the better part of a century elevating the sink from its humble beginnings to an exciting and functional work of art.

Consummate Craftsmanship
• Every single process in the making of KOHLER products is accomplished with exceptionally rigorous standards.
• The exceptionally glossy enamel finish of KOHLER Cast Iron sinks provides a smooth, easy-to-clean surface for years to come.
Thoughtful Design
• KOHLER’s unique concealed overflow hole with overflow cap becomes an artful design element while remaining its functionality.
• The rich details of KOHLER lavatories create a customized bathroom experience.
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