Superior Performance

KOHLER products offer superior performance through innovative ways to meet consumers’ needs. Kohler continues to strive to blend cutting-edge design with artistic flair to achieve ingenious and practical solutions for everyday enjoyment.

Innovative Toilet Flushing System

KOHLER toilets offer unparalleled precision flushing and superior performance to meet a range of needs.

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Symbol® Faucet

Incorporating patterns and forms found in the natural world, Symbol faucets add beauty and balance to your bathroom.

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VibrAcoustic® Bath

Our VibrAcoustic hydrotherapy blends music with water for a bathing experience like no other.

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BubbleMassageTM Bath

BubbleMassage hydrotherapy delivers thousands of bubbles that thoroughly support and massage your body for an invigorating, blissful experience.

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DTV® Digital Thermostatic Showering

DTV /Water Tile provides luxurious water delivery ensuring a fantastic shower experience.

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Waterless Flushing

Waterless urinals provide significant value to the customer by reducing water, sewage and maintenance costs.

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C³ Electronic Bidet Seat

C³ Bidet Seats offer ergonomic comfort and ease of use, achieving and maintaining a high level of hygiene for your bathroom.

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Personalized Shower

Whether you’re designing a custom luxury shower, remodeling the kids’ bathroom or simply replacing a showerhead, Kohler has a solution.

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KOHLER Cast Iron Products

Built to last for generations, KOHLER Cast Iron makes an enduring statement of beauty in your home with strength, style and soul.

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KOHLER Acrylic bathtubs offer a smooth finish and rich color that penetrates the entire material to give a feeling of luxury to any bath décor.

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Super Water-Saving Urinal

With the leading water-saving technology in the industry, KOHLER commercial green collections strive to create greener buildings.

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